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Discover inspiration on stunning home designs in NZ and from across the world. Keep up to date on the biggest news on the housing industry as well as what’s happening at Stonewood Homes, in Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown and all around the country.

Posted 4th June 2020
Subdividing for Home and Income
There’s never been a better time to consider subdividing your property for extra income. Whether you’re looking to subdivide and sell one property, subdivide and rent one property, or subdivide...
investment property tips2
Posted 18th May 2020
Top 5 Things to Consider When Building an Investment Property
Many people believe that investing in property is one of the safest ways to secure a long-term, reliable income for your family.
3 Ellerslie Lane 3
Posted 5th May 2020
Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Home
The idea of designing and building your ideal home is a dream come true for thousands of Kiwis each year.
rural homes
Posted 5th May 2020
Tips for Great Rural Home Design
In years gone by, homes on rural property were really only the domain of those in the agricultural and farming industries.
Albany 281 Gable 16x9 1
Posted 15th April 2020
What Makes the Ideal Home Design?

There's a lot to consider when designing your new home. It’s also a very personal thing. Every family will have different ideas about what the perfect home looks like.

new zealand homes
Posted 6th April 2020
What's Your Favourite New Zealand Home Style?
Everyone carries around in their head a dream home. Most people know what preferred house designs they like most.