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Discover inspiration on stunning home designs in NZ and from across the world. Keep up to date on the biggest news on the housing industry as well as what’s happening at Stonewood Homes, in Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown and all around the country.

choosing a builder
Posted 8th October 2020
How to Choose the Right Builder for You
Building a home is a wonderful journey, provided you find the right builder to work with. If not, it can be a time full of stress and frustration.
smart home
Posted 18th September 2020
The Best Smart Home Devices of 2020
Smart home devices are absolutely dominating the market in 2020, and with very good reason. Firstly, they’re a lot more than just fun gadgets.
Posted 31st August 2020
What to Look for in an Investment Property
Buying an investment property is part of the dream for many people, with good reason. When done properly, you can earn income while building wealth and achieving capital growth.
Posted 17th August 2020
Common Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Property
Investing in property is a great way to generate wealth and security for your future. However, it can also be a risky endeavor if you’re not fully prepared.
property investment
Posted 23rd July 2020
The Beginner’s Guide to Property Investment in New Zealand
There’s a lot of reasons to consider investing in property. While markets do fluctuate, most people find property investment very beneficial over the long term.
How Long Does It Take to Build a House
Posted 17th July 2020
How Long Does It Take to Build a House?
Building a home takes a lot of planning, but it isn’t just about budgets and design.