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Autumn Cleaning

Posted 23rd May 2018 Community

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Autumn is a time of celebration - the Rugby League has started and the leaves are changing colour. As summer starts to wind down, our homes will need some TLC. Spring cleaning is all about clearing away the clutter and brightening up our homes, but autumn is all about getting your home ready for those cold, wet winter months. Here are a few things that we recommend you get sorted before winter starts. 

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Gutter Cleaning 

Cleaning out your gutter is probably the single most important thing you can do as part of your autumn cleaning regime. Gutters that are not cleaned regularly can block up and overflow and can flood back into the roof and wall cavity of your home. We recommend regular maintenance for the gutter but particularly during the winter. 

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Clean Windows

The majority of homeowners get their windows cleaned in late spring or early summer. But late summer and autumn is also a good time to give windows a once-over. Windows are constantly exposed to the elements of wind, rain, frost and temperature change. Glass can develop a buildup of dust, dirt and various minerals over time which can cause staining and permanent damage. 

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Roof Cleaning

Autumn is the best time to have your roof treated for moss and mould. A simple and cost-effective moss and mould roof treatment is low cost and will improve the look and durability of your roof. As most roof treatments require the wind and the rain to wash away the dead moss and mould on the roof, once your roof has been treated, the winter rains will help speed up the removal of the dead material. 

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