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What’s Your Favourite New Zealand Home Style?

Whats Your Favourite New Zealand Home Style

Everyone carries around in their head a dream home. Most people know what preferred house designs they like most. It’s just that most people end up buying a house that meets their budget rather than fits their dream home design.

But what if you could have both? Wonder if you could build your dream home at a price you could afford?  The good news is when you’re looking to buy a home in New Zealand Stonewood offers an abundance of the types of homes you can consider.

Everyone has to start at the beginning when buying a home. That means you first need to determine the block size and location you want or need. It would be best if you also decided on whether or not you want to live in a one or two storey home.

Read on to explore the different types of homes in New Zealand you can consider and review. You may even start to find a few that quickly become your favourite!

Types of Homes in New Zealand

When you’re building a home, you often start by pouring over what seems like hundreds of designs and styles. You then determine your preferred block size and the location you want. Most of the time, shared knowledge asserts the closer you are to the city, the smaller your block size. 

If you have a smaller block size, it means you usually want the best double-storey home that stacks your house space. It’s not difficult to stack the space in your home, and if you do it effectively, you can optimize the size of your living areas and bedrooms. You can even still have a double garage and a backyard made for a garden or pool.

If you have a more considerable lot and block size and live in the suburbs, you can spread the design of your home out a bit. Many New Zealanders love large and light-filled front rooms with bay windows, verandahs, and the best I-shape classic one-story design. Sometimes these spread out one-story designs has high ceilings and beautiful street appeal.  

Home Architecture Styles in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a little bit of everything to home buyers or renovators. That’s why working with the right home design company and builder gives you an extensive collection to choose from. Stonewood Homes offers land packages with their home designs when you choose and combine what you need with what you want.  

Every Stonewood Home can give you a backyard if you have kids or want to have your land. If you’ve always envisioned living atop a hill and looking over your domain, you might want to choose the best double-storey Stonewood Home. Designing and building a two-storey home can still be within your budget.

As long as your builder knows how to work the dimensions of your home into your plot of land, you’re in good shape. Many New Zealanders know that the kitchen is the heart of any home. Every room they want, every design they’ll consider incorporates the kitchen they envision.

Every member of your family, big or small, usually connects by using the space in the home’s kitchen a couple of times a day. That’s why it’s important to have a builder who understands that connection’s importance and will design with it in mind.

New Zealand Favourite Home Designs and Styles

Do New Zealanders have favourite home designs and styles? Or do New Zealanders build to their dreams and wants. The answer to that question depends on who you ask. For example, if you ask some internationally known architects, they may say New Zealanders love staircases that seem to float or member exterior wall cladding. 

Yet other New Zealand architects say the most prominent feature in many New Zealand homes is their landscaping using native shrubs, bushes, and trees. In addition, almost all architects agree New Zealand homes are known for their spacious, light, and modern areas.

Both of those ideas made a lot of sense because one of New Zealand’s first architecturally designed homes had a large front parlour typical of Georgian classical revival style.

Deciding the Home Style You Want

Several factors go into figuring out the types of homes you want to consider when purchasing a home. First, you want to figure out if you’re going to need to subdivide the current piece of land you own or perhaps buy an empty plot before you start to build. Second, you want to integrate your family needs and preferences into the design and style of your home.

Since New Zealand and the British Empire are linked, sometimes consider building or renovating a more Victorian architecture home. Many travelling architects from Britain would go to New Zealand to help jumpstart their careers. Whether in the past or the present, every family wants a final result in their design.

They want to find a way to integrate and complement the surroundings into the building of their home.

Use of Space and Land Placement Housing Styles

Finding the right home designer or builder doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavour. The right company that can deal with all you want to build and incorporate into your home is waiting for you to reach out to them now. Stonewood Homes believes every home should reflect who you are.

Every home design Stonewood Home designs offers you configuration options that match your style. The Stonewood difference is in the quality and types of homes provided for you to consider. So if you’re looking for stellar home designs and want to visit Stonewood Showhomes, you’ll be able to experience the Stonewood way.  

Stonewood Homes offer you experienced and knowledgeable consultants that will work with you every step of the way while your home is being built. Your good investment is one click or phone call away. So reach out to Stonewood Homes when you’re ready to start living your dream.

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