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The Building Journey

We understand that the home building journey can be daunting. However, you can be assured when you build with Stonewood Homes, we will be right by your side every step of the way. Your new home consultants will guide you through the entire process with great care and precision. Plus, there will be no unexpected surprises. Your move-in date will be locked-in, and you’ll know how much you have to pay, right from the start.

step 01
Step 1
Meet your sales consultant

Take one of our new home consultants through your new home ideas.

step 02
Step 2
Give us the go-ahead

Give us the authority to start designing your new home.

step 03
Step 3
Concept drawings prepared

We prepare your concept drawings.

step 04
Step 4
Site & soil assessment

We undertake a site assessment and soil investigation to determine the quality of the site for load-bearing conditions.

step 05
Step 5
Concept plans finalised

The concept plans for your new home will be finalised. 

step 06
Step 6
Pricing run-through

We take you through the pricing involved to get your journey started.

step 07
Step 7
Finalise your interior design

Meet your Colour Consultant to finalise your decor

Finalise and provide specifications for all client-supplied items 

step 08
Step 8
Agreement formalised & contract signed

The building agreement will be formalised and your contract signed.

step 09
Step 9
Request your engineering & foundation design

Request your engineering and foundation design. (If you’ve chosen a two-storey design, be sure to request a mid-floor design.)

step 10
Step 10
Preliminary application to council

We make a preliminary application to council, where appropriate. 

step 11
Step 11
Water supply assessment

We make sure your water supply meets NZ drinking standards. If your site is in a rural area, it may require potable water tests and septic design to be supported by a resource consent number.

step 12
Step 12
Consent drawings & application completed

We complete the consent drawings and application ready for building consent, pending your approval 

step 13
Step 13
Lodge building consent

We lodge your building consent (If you make changes after this has been done, you’ll incur a cost and cause a delay in the building process.)

step 14
Step 14
Issue supplier & subcontractor orders

We prepare and issue the supplier and subcontractor orders.

step 15
Step 15
Building begins!

We start building your new home!