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Planning on Building a Home? You Might Want to Read This First

Planning on Building a Home You Might Want to Read This First

Building a home of your own is an exciting journey that can be hugely rewarding in the long run. There are some important things to think about however, before you get started. Check out our suggestions below for kicking off your build the right way…

Family Size

Your family size, needs and social habits really need to come before anything else when you’re considering a new home build. The layout and design of your house should reflect not only your lifestyle but also how you will entertain and live in your home. For example; does the master bedroom need to be near your children’s bedroom? Do you need a bigger deck for those large family get-togethers? Do you need a workspace for all of your creative projects? And so on…  While there are house designs created to suit a range of family sizes and requirements, Stonewood Homes can either alter the design of one of our standard plans or customise according to your needs.

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Deciding where your home should be built, is again based on your preferences and family needs. You may want to subdivide the current piece of land you own or find an empty plot to start your build. Whatever your aspirations, the key to making decisions depends on quite a few factors. A general rule of thumb is to initially consider the basics such as neighbourhood, view, position, community, schooling, proximity to workplace and proximity to recreational areas. Stonewood Homes has a wide collection of house and land packages to choose from in order to help you achieve the property of your dreams.

Stonewood Homes House And Land Packages


This is the fun part! External or internal, designing your home inside and out can be the best part of your build experience. From fixtures and fittings to external cladding, gardens and driveways, deciding on these elements can be one of the most exciting things about building your home. And, the best place to start is online. Get on the internet and start researching trending home designs. Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms to start with, along with various home trend websites.

Showhomes are also a great way to get design inspiration as they give you the opportunity to see how your ideas would work in big or small spaces. Pop into one of our Stonewood Homes Showhomes across New Zealand for extra inspiration and ideas or to chat to one of our friendly home consultants. 



Mortgages and budgeting can be one of the biggest headaches when building a home. All is not lost though as there are plenty of online resources to help you get started. We also encourage you to talk your plans through with an independent financial consultant along with your preferred bank or mortgage lender. We can also help you through our Stonewood Homes Network where we have access to local and national lenders whom we have developed excellent relationships with. Whatever your path, we are here to help with every aspect of your build including finance and lending. 

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