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Winter Interior Design Tips

Cozy winter interior design with wood chairs

Winter can be a bit of a dreary time of year for anybody. Especially if you’re stuck at home more often than you used to be. With still plenty of uncertainty surrounding when the world will be back to normal, our homes have become a sanctuary. The only problem is, they’ve also become our office.

For those working from home more often, it’s time to rethink some interior design aspects. You’ve probably gone to great efforts to make your spaces more functional, but now it’s time to add in a bit of warmth.

A coat of paint?

One of the most obvious ways to brighten up your home for a long winter is with paint. If you’ve got dark walls in your home, this isn’t going to feel very uplifting as the cold weather descends. You may not want to go crazy and repaint the whole house, but think about some of your key areas. If you’ve set up a home office, for example, why not try to brighten it up a little?

Soft, warm colours like yellows and muted variations of white can improve a dark room considerably. If you’ve already got some nice bright walls in your home, you might consider adding some mirrors. This creates the illusion of more space but also highlights the nice, light areas of your home.

Declutter your home

The next step is to declutter. Nothing is more depressing than walking into a home or room full of junk. Set some time aside to take stock of everything you can see in your most-used rooms. Some items obviously serve a decorative purpose, and that’s fine. But if you’ve got coffee tables covered in magazines or ornaments that don’t add value, give them the flick.

Rethink your lighting

It might be obvious, but lighting can make all the difference. If you’ve got old light globes, or even worse, fluorescent lighting, it’s time for a change. Switch them out for some new energy-efficient LED globes. They’ll save money and you can also choose the perfect type of glow for your rooms.

Don’t forget the small details

Finally, don’t forget the small details. It’s amazing how much you can brighten up a room with a few simple style choices. How about some nice, colourful cushions for your couch. Maybe a throw rug or even a bright rug on the floor. These little splashes of colour can make all the difference. And if you’re still not relaxed, order some beautiful scented candles, sit back, and let your space transform into a sanctuary.

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