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Preparing for Winter: A Homeowner’s Guide

Preparing for Winter A Homeowners Guide

The cold breeze is slowly arriving and we are starting to trade our t-shirts for thick jackets and woollen sweaters. New Zealand autumns are especially beautiful but can be quite cold, with parts of the country already covered in snow. This, of course, is a reminder to get ready for the coming winter and prepare our homes early for the cold months ahead. 

Protecting your home to embrace the cold weather is important. Here are some of our recommendations to keep your home safe, dry and cosy throughout winter. 

Preparing For Winter A Homeowners Guide 2

1. Check or fix any electrical issues in your house. If you’re particularly worried, call your local electrician and do a general check to give you added peace of mind. 

2. If you’re living in a colder area, it is important to keep an eye on plumbing. Cracked pipes, frozen pipes, and tree growth can all affect plumbing in your home. If you’re worried, hire a plumber to check for any wear and tear.

3. Smoke alarms are an important safety feature in your home. It’s always a good idea to spare some time to check that your smoke alarms are in good working order.  It is also best to have them placed in every room of your home, especially the bedrooms, living rooms and the hallway.

Preparing For Winter A Homeowners Guide 3

4. Insulate the ceiling well to minimize the amount of heat rising. Use draft stoppers beside doors and windows to stop breeze from entering your warm space.

5.  Change your colour palette: In summer it’s common to pare back the décor in your home to create a cool summer-time vibe. It’s time to say goodbye to the whites and brights and embrace rich and warming hues like terracotta, olive green and blush pink to create a cosy and inviting retreat from the cold. Here are some colour inspirations to inspire you:

6. Just in case that there are any leaks in the roof – here’s a gentle reminder to get that roof checked and sorted right away. 

There are many more ways to get your home ready for winter. Check out this great article to prepare your outside spaces for winter:

Stay warm and dry.

The Team at Stonewood Homes.

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