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Top Furniture Trends for 2019


Summer’s just around the corner, and you might be thinking of giving your home a bright new makeover with trendy furniture. According to Elle Décor, here are the top 5 trends to watch out for in 2019.

1. Blush Tones

Blending well with bold colours like citrine, navy and forest green, blush is the latest neutral colour to try out.

Top Furniture Trends For 2019 2

2. Cozy Beds

Beds are getting cosier than ever with lush footboards and headboards upholstered with cosy materials like velvet.

Top Furniture Trends For 2019 3

3. Geometric Patterns

Designers are moving away from tribal prints into stunning asymmetrical and over scaled geometrical patterns.

Top Furniture Trends For 2019 4

4. Natural Materials

Combining together practicality and luxury to create stunning masterpieces of wood, quartzite, terrazzo and natural stone pieces that will bring a sophisticated yet rustic look to your home.

Top Furniture Trends For 2019 5

5. Curvy Design

The timeless 1970’s-inspired furniture is making a comeback, and one way to incorporate this style into your home is with chic rounded back chairs.

Top Furniture Trends For 2019 6

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