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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Lesson #1: Categories, Not Rooms

Most of us would think that sorting out one room before moving to the other would be the best way to go when you’re doing your big spring decluttering & clean room, however, Marie Kondo’s top advice is to sort out your clutter based on categories first! Her reason is that you don’t want to finish sorting out your books in the study room only to find more and more books in the bedrooms. 

Lesson #2: Your Belongings Matter

Take a good few minutes staring at your belongings, says Marie. By doing this, you will become more appreciative of the stuff that you own and will feel more motivated in creating proper space for them.

Lesson #3: Leave the Past Behind

There is no easy way to say this, but you need to let go. Belongings that have no sentimental value need to be released according to Marie.

Lesson #4: Fold, Don’t Hang

Once you’ve sorted out the things you don’t need, you can then decide where your remaining things should go. Rather than folded in a cubby or hanging in a closet, Kondo thinks a lot of our clothing would be better off (or as she’d say, happier) folded in a dresser.

Lesson #5: THE Fold!

Now this is a game changer! Who would’ve known that such a simple method would save so much space!

They say images speak louder than words, well try video! Watch Marie Kondo’s folding technique here:

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