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Seven great Pinterest users to follow for interior design ideas

bedroom interior design with modern furniture and scandinavian style design

Pinterest, for those who haven’t checked it out, is a place to share images, designs and a whole host of other things. Essentially, you can make a collage board with things that catch your eye – and this is called ‘pinning’.

Pinterest has become somewhat of a go-to for interior design as well, with experts and amateurs alike using the medium to post style and design ideas for inspiration. For example, a designer may have a board specifically for the kitchen. On that board, they can pin hundreds of images of cool ideas, whether it be colour schemes, design styles, storage ideas, nifty gadgets or anything else to inspire people’s kitchen makeovers.

So, since Pinterest is gaining in popularity and we’re starting to see some great local content that’s more suited to the Kiwi style, we thought we’d explore some of the best Pinterest users for you to follow. Not all of them are from New Zealand, but they’ve got some super cool boards and content that you can use for inspiration when renovating or building your new home.

Made from Scratch (Rachael McMahon)

Rachael McMahon is a professional media consultant, but she also loves pinning. She clearly has a great eye for interior design, and her boards are filled with beautiful, boutique interior styles. What’s great is the variety of boards. Rachael focuses on interior style, but also makes it so easy to follow her ideas with separate boards for every room of the house – even the exterior.

If you want plants, there’s a board for that. Art? There’s a board for that. She even has some stunning boards dedicated to celebration decorating, and plenty of food ideas too!

Dear Designer (Carole King)

Dear Designer is the Pinterest playground of UK interior designer Carole King.Again, there’s a great separation of boards here, making it easy for visitors to find precisely what they’re looking for. Carole has her finger on the pulse of the latest interior design trends, and gives you a glimpse into her world of beautiful home style.

She also shares a range of different design styles, rather than sticking to just one. So, for inspiration for your new home, check out Dear Designer today.

Studio McGee (Shea and Syd McGee)

Studio McGee is a full service interior design company based in Salt Lake City, and their Pinterest account is packed with amazing homes typing ideas. They feature a range of design styles both contemporary and modern. Studio McGee is all about helping make all homes beautiful, no matter the style. They’ve even landed their own Netflix show called Dream Home Makeover.

Practically everything is covered here, from living areas to bedrooms to entryways and even camper designs. If it’s interior design you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Studio McGee.

Foxes Blog (Jessica Whiting)

Jessica is Editor in Chief and Creative Director of Gather Magazine, and a lover of fashion and design. It really shows with the eclectic mix of boards you can find on her Pinterest account. Jessica uses her Pinterest account as a way to promote her own style blog, but also as a bookmarking system for home decorating ideas, so it’s a mix of business and pleasure for her.

Jessica also has a love of typography, which you’ll clearly notice throughout her boards!

Premium Interior Designs

Premium Interior Designs may have a small following now, but they’re a hidden gem in the world of Pinterest. An Aussie design company with over 20 years of experience, Premium Interior Designs have some amazon boards to scroll through.

There are some uniquely Australian ideas in there, but a lot of their design styles relate pretty well to Kiwi homes too. You’ll find interesting ideas for every room in the house, and even outdoor entertaining areas. They also have some great pins for colour palette inspiration too.

Tales at Sea (Sarah Walden)

Tales at Sea is a personal style and design blog run by Sarah Walden, who is a self-confessed Pinterest addict. And frankly, we’re glad she is, because her boards are full of stunning home design ideas featuring very natural yet modern styles. Sarah loves DIY herself, which is what drew her to Pinterest in the first place, and she also runs a typography company which is promoted throughout her boards.

Noted & Co (Ange Keenan)

When scrolling through the boards on Ange Keenan’s Pinterest account, you’ll notice a distinctly modern style throughout. You’ll find plenty of stripes, monochromes and simplified design styles. If you like a cluttered home, this account definitely isn’t for you. The ideas pinned to Ange’s boards are not quite minimalist, but they’re certainly neat and modern. In fact, Ange first came to Pinterest after purchasing a home and beginning to renovate in Scandinavian/Nordic style, hence the birth of all her amazing style boards!

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