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Painting for Winter – Bringing Warmth to your Indoor Spaces

Painting for Winter Bringing Warmth to your Indoor Spaces

It’s the time of year when the cold is becoming a tad repetitive and winter is losing its appeal. On the bright side however, we are seeing daffodils start to bloom and lambs bouncing around in the fields. So, maybe there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel for those spring and summer lovers out there.

With winter however, our indoor spaces can start to feel a little dark and cold. Why not spruce up your living areas or bedrooms with a splash of colour to brighten everyone’s mood? Check out our top tips below on painting your home through the colder months.

1. If you’re dreaming of spring and summer (just around the corner we promise!) try these great tips for winter from our paint supply partner Resene. 3 hot spring-inspired colours.

2. Getting bored of your current colour palette and wanting to experiment with an accent of colour here and there? Check out these ideas for a perfect combination of icy undertones, black and white and vivid colours.

3. Or maybe soft and simple suits you better? Seek sanctuary with hushed tones and colours which will compliment your living area to suit your lifestyle! Check out some top tips here!

4. Refresh your space with some additional cheery colours from your throws, pillows or other home decor. Not only will they brighten up the mood during winter, they can also last into the spring and summer. Here are some ideas on how to style your newly re-painted house during winter.

5. Are you ready to get started to paint your space? Here are a few more tips to kick-start your paint project.

6. Just in case you need more convincing, we’ve found this article on why painting your house during winter is the best idea!

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