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Luxury House Plans NZ: What’s Included?

Sophisticated. Elegant. Modern.

The term ‘luxury’ often conjures up images of sprawling countryside mansions or ultra-modern suburban homes with incredibly intricate architecture. But one person’s idea of luxury might be very different to their neighbours. When building from luxury house plans in NZ, you have a great deal of control over how much luxury your budget allows.

For some, luxury might mean larger-than-average living spaces. It might mean solid gold door handles. Perhaps to you, luxury means having a spacious bathroom with a spa. Whatever your idea of luxury is, you can get it as long as your budget allows. Here are some ideas for luxury inclusions you might enjoy in your new home.

Outdoor entertaining

One of the best luxury inclusions you can opt for when building a new home is a spacious outdoor entertaining area. We’re not just talking about a simple deck or patio area, though. Modern outdoor entertaining areas can be designed with some extremely impressive functionality, as well as a beautiful appearance.

Naturally, the design will need to suit your home, but being able to open some glass sliding doors from your kitchen and dining area and walk out into a beautiful covered outdoor space is the epitome of luxury for many people. Incorporate built-in cooking facilities, storage space, smart lighting, speakers for music, comfortable outdoor couches, even televisions.

Smart technology

Speaking of smart technology, many new homeowners like to include lots of smart tech in their homes. If you’re unfamiliar with smart technology, we’re talking about inclusions that can be controlled wirelessly, even when you’re not at home. Some of these items can include:

  • Lights
  • Security systems
  • Door locks
  • Music systems
  • Televisions
  • Most home appliances
  • Curtains/blinds
  • Plus, many more

Many of these can be controlled by voice activation through a smart home assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Alternatively, they can even be operated remotely from afar. So, if you’re worried that you left the air conditioner on, or you’d like some lights on when you arrive home late, smart technology gives you the ultimate control.

Luxury bathroom items

The bathroom is a sanctuary to many. Add some luxury bathroom inclusions to your new home, and you’ll quickly realise why people choose to spend a bit more on their bathroom. Some of the most popular luxury bathroom inclusions are larger walk-in showers, water temperature control systems, luxury cabinetry, beautiful flooring and much more.

One of the best luxury inclusions, if you have the space, is a spa bath. Of course, it can be used as a regular bath, but if you have the means to make it a spa, why not? Come home at the end of a long day and spend a bit of time relaxing in the spa.


When building a new home, you might hear the terms ‘fixtures’ and ‘fittings’ used interchangeably. However, they are two different things. Your fixtures are the more permanent items that are fixed in your home. These can include:

  • Light fixtures
  • Shelving units
  • Storage spaces
  • Ceiling fans
  • Built-in wardrobes
  • Kitchen benches and cupboards
  • Plus, many more

You’ve got the option to keep costs down and go for quite simple fixtures, or you can add some luxury in there as your budget allows. Maybe you’ve had your heart set on a marble benchtop or ultra-modern light fixtures. Ultimately, the choice is yours.


Fittings, on the other hand, are only semi-fixed to your home. Or in some cases, not fixed at all. In simple terms, fittings are items that technically can be removed and replaced relatively easily. This includes:

  • Carpet
  • Curtains/blinds
  • Oven/stovetop/rangehood
  • Entertainment units

This list isn’t exhaustive but shows the difference between fittings and fixtures. When planning your fittings, you can choose more up-market products, such as specialty carpets that are hard-wearing for pets or the most modern stovetop.

While fittings can be removed when you sell the house, most people wouldn’t do that. So, when you choose beautiful, luxury fittings, you can rest assured that they add value to your home as well as enhance your comfort and enjoyment of the house. That’s a double win.

Looking to build from luxury house plans in NZ?

Stonewood Homes specialises in designing and building wonderful modern and luxurious homes. Whether you want a smaller home in the city or your dream home on an acreage property, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little luxury in your life. Contact the friendly team at Stonewood Homes today and find out how you can get the best luxury inclusions for your budget.

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