Build with Stonewood Homes and create the house of your dreams

Your life shouldn’t be built around your home, instead, your home should be built around your life. After partnering with customers for 30 years and building over 6,000 homes, Stonewood Homes has seen it all, and we know that where a person resides should not compromise their life, but rather, enable an even fuller one. Through an array of great designs that can be customised to any personal nuance, Stonewood Homes are as unique as the lifestyles they’re built for; allowing the owners to get the absolute most out of their life.

Built For Fashion Followers

If you’re an avid Fashion Follower make sure you take a look at our tips, advice and inspiration on designing and organizing your wardrobe that reflects your passion for fashion. With house plans dedicated to ensuring your home has everything you really need, when you build with Stonewood Homes you can have the wardrobe of your dreams.

built for fashion followers
built for big thinkers

Built for Big Thinkers

Great ideas don’t just happen in the office or classroom, sometimes the best inspiration occurs at home! If you’re thinking of building a new home and want a dedicated space for your family to expand their big ideas, talk to Stonewood homes to see how we can add to your families future.

Built for The Fans

In 1897, 2011 and 2015 Kiwis have enjoyed watching our All Blacks bring the Rugby World Cup home. This year is no different. Stonewood Homes has expert advice on how to set up your lounge and devices for the ultimate viewing experience. To make sure you don’t miss the winning moment click here to find out more.

built for the fans
built for foodies

Built for Foodies

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is the one room in the house where all members come together to share and connect. Stonewood Homes understands the importance this space plays in our day to day lives and is here to provide inspiration and advice on how to ensure your passion for food emulates through your new home.

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