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House Packages: An Easier Way to Build

Unmatched Value and Quality

When you’re in the market for a new home, whether it be your first or last, it’s never easy to know which way to go. Do you buy some land, then find a builder to construct your dream home? Do you just buy an existing property that’s on the market? Or do you look for a house package to make the process even easier?

If you’re looking for a new home and have found yourself asking these questions, it’s time to learn about house and land packages, and why they’re so popular in New Zealand.

What is a house and land package?

Quite simply, a house and land package is your new land and house, all in one easy transaction. When you see a new subdivision, generally the lots are owned by developers and building companies who sell the land (and the house you wish to build on the land) to homeowners.

Sometimes, the house may be already planned, under construction or even completed. But most times, construction hasn’t started yet, so you can negotiate a house design with your builder. Once the house design is decided, you’ll have a clear cost to purchase the house and land altogether.

Where can you find house and land packages?

House packages are everywhere in New Zealand. As our population grows, new housing needs to be created. This leads to many developers and builders buying multiple plots of land in new areas (and sometimes in older areas), with a view to selling them as house and land packages.

So, while you might not see a lot of inner-city house and land packages, they are regularly located in suburbs and outer areas. Searching online is usually the simplest way to find them, or if you’d like to deal directly with Stonewood Homes, you can simply contact us to find out what’s available.

Alternatively, if there is a particular part of New Zealand you’d like to live in, go for a drive. You’ll quickly spot new sub-divisions and development areas, and this is a great way to get a feel for the location.

The benefits of house packages

So, why are so many people choosing house packages over other ways of owning a home? Let’s take a look.

Cheaper than buying separately

Perhaps the biggest issue facing New Zealanders in the hunt for a new home is cost. While it’s true that buying an existing can sometimes be cheaper, you’re getting an old house that could have any number of problems. When it comes to getting yourself into a brand-new house, these packages are the cheapest option.

This is partly because you avoid the hassle of purchasing land, and then paying a builder for your home to be built. But it’s also because builders often use house designs that they have already had council approval for. Plus, they can build the homes faster, and therefore the price is lower than building a custom home.

Hassle-free finance

When you approach a lender for finance, there are a lot of hoops to jump through. This is especially true when building a new home because you may require finance at different stages of the build, as well as when you first purchase the land. With a house and land package, it’s much easier because everything is included in one transaction.

Build in new locations

If you’ve ever driven past a subdivision with multiple new properties going up, you’ve probably been impressed by the look and feel of the neighbourhood. Everything is fresh, and all of the houses are new, which generally creates an environment that people want to live in. So, if you want to be part of a new and always-growing housing location, house and land packages are a great choice.

Shorter build times

When choosing house designs that your builder is familiar with, the build process is much faster. Firstly, because they know the design inside out and can work faster. Secondly, the builder may already have completed site testing and submitted the plans for council approval. This speeds up the process considerably.

Great for investors

For investors, house and land packages represent terrific value. Firstly, the process is just so much easier, with less red tape to cut through. It means they get a brand-new investment property built fast. Plus, the home is new, and usually in desirable locations, which means a higher rental income potential. If that’s not enough, the fact that the house is new means there is less likely to be maintenance and repair issues.

If you’d like to explore house and land package options, check out our available offers right here. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your needs further, simply contact our friendly staff and we’ll be happy to help.

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