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Terms and Conditions for Stonewood Homes Referral Program

The details of the Referral Program, as described herein, are accurate as of the date of publication. However, Stonewood Homes reserves the right to alter or terminate the program at its sole discretion. Should a Referrer introduce a qualifying Referred Party, and if there’s a change to the scheme post this referral, Stonewood Homes pledges to uphold the commitment to the Referrer, given that the Referred Party completes their purchase from Stonewood Homes.

An existing buyer, referred to as the Referrer, who introduces a potential buyer to Stonewood Homes (the “Referred Party”) and fulfills the conditions outlined below, can receive a $2,000 (NZD) reward, or appliance package, subject to the terms set forth in the below:

a. The Referrer should be an individual, not a corporate entity.

b. Anyone who would like to refer their family and friends to build with Stonewood Homes is eligible. This includes having an unconditional contract with Stonewood Homes at the time of referral.

c. Stonewood Homes must receive a written notification from the Referrer about the Referred Party before any discussions or engagements begin. This includes details of both the Referrer and Referred Party that are submitted through the official Referral Program form found on If the Referred Party has any previous interactions or is already listed in Stonewood Homes’ marketing database prior to referral, they won’t be deemed eligible.

d. The Referrer becomes eligible for the reward once the Referred Party successfully completes a purchase agreement with Stonewood Homes and their contract becomes unconditional..

Each eligible purchase by the Referred Party will result in a reward payment of $2,000 (NZD), or appliance package. As such, multiple Referred Parties that successfully enter into an unconditional contract with Stonewood Homes, will result In a reward for each party to the referrer.

In instances where the Referred Party’s details are already in Stonewood Homes’ records at the time of the referral, the Referrer will be informed promptly in writing, emphasising that their referral does not qualify for the program.

The reward will be processed 14 days post the Referred Party meeting all contractual obligations and deposit payment.

The reward depends on both the Referrer and the Referred Party adhering to these terms and conditions. It cannot be transferred or substituted for any discounts or rebates on the property purchase unless Stonewood Homes gives express approval.

Stonewood Homes has the exclusive right to continue or discontinue the Referral Program. All employees of Stonewood Homes are excluded from participating in this Referral Program.

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