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Decorating Trends in New Zealand for 2021

Retro Flip clock with 2022 number on wooden table - Decorating Trends in New Zealand for 2021

With people spending much more time at home since the Covid-19 pandemic first struck, it’s little wonder that we’re turning our attention to new styles for our homes. It wasn’t too long ago that plain white walls were the norm, but after lockdowns and more time at home, it seems we’re getting a bit tired of the same old designs.

While it’s always been nice to decorate your home, the practice probably takes a back seat for many because they’re not home long enough to enjoy it. Well, that’s all changed, and the world of interior design has started taking a few steps off the beaten path.

Here’s a guide to some of the great new decorating trends in New Zealand for 2021 and beyond.

Natural is here to stay

Since we’re seeing a shift away from all-white décor, it’s the perfect time to add some more natural flavour to your home. Using soft neutral colours combined with natural textures is high on many people’s lists. And why not? New Zealand is a naturally beautiful country, and we’ve got plenty of resources here to create amazing natural interior styles.

The current trend incorporates more natural elements such as timber and stone, as well as complementary colour palettes like soft neutrals. This is particularly taking off in kitchens and bathrooms, with people favouring a look and feel that captures more of nature. Dark timbers and smoked oak are proving popular, and in benchtops, we’re seeing more use of unique granite slabs over other materials.

Something vintage, something new

Along with the trend towards natural elements, we’re also embracing sustainability in another way. Rather than use the term ‘recycled’, it’s popular at the moment to look for ‘upcycled’ goods. This could be old antique furniture that has been restored or remodeled to give it a vintage yet modern feel.

This trend is particularly influenced by lockdown because people want more interesting and unique pieces in their homes. Perhaps it’s that longing for something bohemian or dreaming of far-away places we can’t visit right now. Whatever the reason, reinventing and repurposing vintage items is a terrific way to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room.

Sprucing up the home office

Most home offices aren’t designed specifically as offices. Usually, it’s just another bedroom that we’ve hurriedly thrown a desk in when working from home became the norm. However, with lockdowns forcing us all to spend a bit more time behind the desk at home, we’re starting to turn those makeshift offices into something a bit more colourful. Even if you already had a home office, chances are it was pretty bland.

Lots of light and colour is becoming popular, especially for all those Zoom calls that don’t look great in a dark, poorly-lit room. You can bring the design from the rest of your home into the office, or if you need your own little sanctuary, brighten it up however you like!

Out with white, in with neutrals

As we mentioned before, the idea of looking at plain white walls for another day has driven plenty of people to seek out a different look. Inf act, in New Zealand, white has been quite common for a while, whether it’s your walls or the rest of your décor. But rather than turn everything into a feature wall or do anything too brash, people are favouring soft neutrals. It also ties in well with a shift to more natural textures.

So, consider colours like warm beige, different variations of grey, and even muted blues and greens. It’s a great way to keep your rooms light without having to look at all that endless white!

Something local and beautiful

Another trend that has been influenced by Covid is the move towards more local luxury items. We’ve seen shipping delays, difficulties ordering from overseas, and even store closures that have made it difficult to source those unique luxury items we could access before. So, in a great move for everybody, we’ve gone local.

Considering the great timber and stone we have available in New Zealand, we’re seeing more local manufacturers bringing out their own designs rather than relying on imports. So, if you’re going for the natural trend, keep an eye out for locals who are creating some amazing pieces.

A retro vibe

Finally, retro is still a big thing, and seems like a trend that doesn’t go away. 80s and 90s influences are being seen quite regularly, particularly in items like curved benchtops and softer edges on furniture and benchtops rather than the minimalist, sharper designs that have been popular in recent years. There’s a bit of fun creeping back into interior design, and people are ready to embrace it willingly. So, if you love some older, playful styles in your home, now is the perfect time to get decorating.

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