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Brickworks – How To Create Design Moments with Brick

Brickworks Stonewood Homes living room

From façades to feature walls, brick can add a whole splash of design greatness to your home.

The 21st-century brick is better looking (and more creatively used) than ever. Often thought of as just a hardy building material, the brick is once again enjoying a moment in the spotlight for its ability to create a style statement – far beyond the façade of a suburban red-brick home. Masonry is the new go-to for builders and architects looking to bring an edge to their projects.

Here’s how…

The façade

First impressions count, which is probably why architects and designers are reaching new heights of innovation when using brick to create impactful house exteriors. Curved lines and archways have been on the rise since 2019 (a trend with no signs of slowing down) and mixed palettes are being implemented to create character and interest from the getgo. The most architecturally dramatic use of brick to see a resurgence, however, is corbelling, which quite literally brings an added dimension to the design.

The feature wall

Say goodbye to the fickle feature walls of yesterday, because coloured paint and wallpaper have taken a backseat as a more timeless and tactile alternative takes over. It’s well known that bricks come in an array of shapes and sizes, but today’s variety of colours and textures is just as extensive. Thanks to modern manufacturing technology, there is a brick suited to every style of home (think beyond the industrial-style exposed brick wall). Whether it’s a smooth finish for a sleek and contemporary new build or a tumbled texture for a rustic look, bricks will bring a new level of warmth and originality to your interiors.

The outdoor connection

Outdoor living is a defining trait of the New Zealand lifestyle and often one of the most influential considerations when it comes to the design of our homes. As such a durable building block suited to both the outside and in, brick has the unique ability to create a visually seamless indoor-outdoor connection. It may be as subtle as using the same shape and colour from an indoor feature wall throughout the garden landscaping, or as evident as a feature wall that transcends the doorway and continues through to the backyard. Either way, get used to seeing brick from every angle of the house.

Screen time

Balancing the need for privacy and security with the desire for good natural light has long been a challenge for homes in high-density areas. A hit-and-miss brick screen (where the brick is laid with gaps in between) is more than just a practical solution, but a design statement in its own right: think dreamy breezes and stunning dappled light pouring through. Large-scale hit-and-miss walls are ideal for protecting the entry to your home while adding unique kerb appeal to your home’s façade, but are also a clever option to partially conceal exposed windows or, in the backyard, to screen out your neighbours.

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