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5 Common Mistakes When Selecting House Building Companies In NZ

5 Common Mistakes When Selecting House Building Companies In NZ

Building a new home can be an amazing experience. It can also be a nightmare if you don’t choose a reputable builder. With that in mind, let’s look at 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing house building companies in NZ.

Not asking for fixed-price quotes

Budgeting is one of the hardest parts of building a new home. In good situations, your builder gives you a clear, fixed price, and you can find out about government charges and finance fees too. You should also always ask about landscaping costs and absolutely all costs associated with building the home you want. Once you’ve got that and you’re confident there won’t be any surprises, you’ve found yourself a good builder.

However, there are horror stories everywhere about people being hit with unexpected charges throughout a build, compromising their ability to even finish building the home. You definitely want to avoid this scenario, so always ask potential building companies if they’re willing to provide a clear and concise quote for all foreseeable expenses.

Not looking for social proof

Social proof is a fairly modern term, but it means looking online for proof that a business is worth engaging. In the same way that you might ask for recommendations for a plumber on social media, you should try to do the same with builders. Your network of friends and family can share experiences with you, and this might help make your decision easier.

But you can also look at other sources online, such as Google reviews and website testimonials. Check the social media pages of building companies and see if there is anything positive or negative that might sway your decision. Building a home is a huge undertaking, so all of the resources you can find, use them accordingly.

Not checking the work of house building companies in NZ

There are plenty of ways you can check a builder’s workmanship today. We’ve already discussed social proof, but if you have colleagues or family members who have recently built a home, ask them for an honest opinion of the work. If your friend’s new home is amazing, that’s a pretty good tick for their builder.

But there are other ways too, namely display homes. Many builders have homes already built, and they’re on display just waiting for you to view them. Even if it isn’t exactly the same style of home that you would build, it’s still a good way to check the workmanship of that builder. Find show homes in your area and organise some tours before making your choice.

Not getting a clear build time

It can take a long time to build a house, especially if there are delays early on. It might be a long time spent on designing the home or even delays with council approval. Then, once the build starts it can be affected by weather or the availability of contractors. Quite often, it’s not all smooth sailing and in many cases, it’s out of the builder’s control. With that being said, you should always seek to get an accurate build time from your builder.

If you need to sell another home or move out of a rental, or even if you’re staying with family, you need some clarity over how fast your builder can get the job done. You don’t want them rushed, of course, but you need to know if it will take 3 months or 12 months. When choosing builders, ask about their current schedule and when your build might be able to start because if you are in a hurry, this can affect your decision.

Rushing to your choice

Overall, there is so much to consider when building your new home. You’ve got to worry about the location, moving house, and sorting out your previous accommodation whether it be breaking a lease or selling your previous home. There’s budgeting, house designs, and of course, choosing your house building company in NZ.

The great thing about building a home is that it’s not usually something that people rush into, decision-wise. You’ve usually got a lot of time beforehand saving money, considering where you want to live and how you want to build. So, during that lead-in time, take your time to research building companies. Check out their work, browse their house designs and read testimonials and reviews.

There is usually no rush to choose your builder, so give it the time it deserves. It’s a decision that could save you a lot of money and frustration.

Looking for reliable house building companies in NZ?

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