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Why Knocking Down Your Home and Rebuilding Is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make


If you’ve found that your current home just doesn’t suit you anymore, whether it be too small for your growing family, or dated, there are a few options you can choose from.

If you’re in a similar boat, you may be thinking over your options, and wondering if you can ever live in your dream home. With the current soaring property prices, for many buying a new home is completely unaffordable. There is always the option of home renovation, in particular, DIY renovations which have become extremely popular in the last 15 years. However, home renovation is very time-consuming, require a lot of your energy, and always leave the option for disaster to occur.

The light at the end of the real-estate tunnel

All these different options can be completely overwhelming, however, there is one option that may be the perfect solution for you; a knock-down rebuild. Knock-down rebuilds mean that you can choose one of our available models and customise it to best suit your lifestyle. It’s a lot less hassle, and more stress-free than looking for a new home, or attempting DIY renovations, and will save you a lot of money too! Land can be expensive (but you’ve already got that covered!) and the process of home buying can be a very stressful and insecure one.

Why choose a bulldozer over a facelift?

Although choosing to knock down and rebuild be seem a little daunting, and perhaps extreme at first, there are a lot of benefits to doing so. The first is it’s a lot less stressful than renovating, as anyone who’s done renovations will tell you, it never goes smoothly! Older homes tend to have all sorts of surprises that always come out at the worst of times, leading to massive budget blowouts and lots of headaches. The older your property is, the more likely you’re going to have some nasty surprises.

Choosing to start from scratch, means you get to design and plan your dream home, exactly as you have imagined it. Oh! And the best part – you’ll know the total costs involved before the build begins, so that means no nasty surprises.

Here at Stonewood, we pride ourselves on building secure homes of excellent quality. That’s why every Stonewood home comes with a fully comprehensive one-year warranty. Your new home is also covered by the Master Build Guarantee, so you can have complete peace of mind moving into your new, dream home.

Get access to better locations

One of the other reasons people choose a knockdown rebuild is to get access to better suburbs and locations. Often, the homes in established suburbs are run-down or generally just not what you’re looking for. However, you LOVE the location. Rather than trying to find a needle in a haystack (being a vacant lot in a prized suburb), why not buy an older property at a good price and start again?

Older homes can be a lot cheaper, especially if they have a few issues. But those issues won’t matter to you if you’re going to knock it down anyway. This way, you’ll turn the worst house on a nice street into the newest house on a nice street!

Did we mention knocking down your home could make you money?

No, you’re not dreaming – we just said that.

The obvious reason is that by knocking down your home and rebuilding a brand new, high-quality home with state of the art finishes, you’re increasing the overall value of your property, so if you choose to sell, you’ll end up making more than if you chose to keep your old home.

However, the not so obvious reason is that even the most dilapidated houses have some hidden treasures that you can make a bit of quick cash off. Items like copper wire, bricks, kitchen appliances, roof tiles, window frames and vintage stained-glass panes can earn a pretty penny if you pop them up for sale online. There are also salvage specialists who may buy the lot, saving you, even more, time and energy. Who knows, maybe the money you earn can go towards your new home!

Another money-making option is putting a second dwelling on the block, whether it’s a space for the in-laws or independent teens, it will boost your property’s value even higher. Alternatively, you could look for tenants to rent the space out, creating another stream of income.

Caught your attention?

Want to know more about the knockdown rebuild process? You can read further on it, here and here.  If a knockdown rebuild sounds like the perfect option for you, please feel free to get in contact with our wonderful team of specialists, to assist you through the process. Stonewood Homes has a reputation for building beautiful properties, whether you’re starting from scratch or doing a knockdown rebuild in NZ.

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