Why classic home builders are becoming popular in NZ

Dreaming of building a traditional-style home? You might want help from classic home builders. Find out why they’re so popular these days.

Going old school with home designs

Modern homes with contemporary designs are very popular among homeowners, but sometimes, you may want to build a home that brings back the style from yesteryear.

Classic home designs have their own unique charm; they don’t have the clean lines and minimalism of modern homes, but they have a style that draws from architectural styles from the past, such as colonial, craftsman and neoclassical.

That said, building a classic-style home nowadays can be pretty challenging. That’s why you might want to call on classic home builders.

Why are classic home builders so popular now?

Here are a few reasons why home builders specialising in classic styles are so in demand these days;

They give you customisation options

Classic homes have an old-school style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little something to your classic home design! Builders of classic homes will work with you to decide on the various little touches to give your classic home a more unique and personalised look.

They work from design to construction

When you work with a specialist builder, they’ll guide you through the whole process of building your dream home. From the planning and design to finally building your classic home—they’ll handle all the nitty gritty parts of the build while you can sit back and relax!

They know all about classic home styles

Classic home designs aren’t just about being old school—their designs are more complicated than you think! Specialist builders know exactly what kinds of design elements add a true old-school look to homes and they can make great classic home design suggestions for you.

They offer a quality service

One of the things that make these builders popular is their quality service. They don’t just build a home to perfection, they also procure the highest quality materials for the job! So when you work with them, you can be assured that you’ll be getting a truly top-notch home.

Bring back the magic of yesteryear with classic home designs

A home isn’t just a place you live in—it’s a place where you feel safe, secure and most importantly—happy. That said, designing the gorgeous and comfortable classic home of your dreams can be a tough process—Stonewood Homes is here to help!

Stonewood Homes is one of the best classic home builders in New Zealand. We’ve been building some of the most eye-catching and beautiful classic homes for Kiwi families for years. We also offer pre-built homes and house and land packages at great prices.

Start your journey towards building the classic home of your dreams—give our team a call today!


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When looking for a good builder, you should see if they have a solid reputation, prior experience with classic home building, verified credentials and licences and positive customer reviews.

This depends on how far the construction process has gone. At the early stages of construction, we may be able to make small changes to your building design. We recommend finalising all the design elements you want well before we start building your home.

We have a selection of virtual show homes that allow you to have a 3D tour of various home designs from the comfort of your couch! These virtual tours can help you get an idea of what a design looks like from the inside out.

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