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Tips For Choosing the Best House and Land Packages in Waikato

Tips For Choosing the Best House and Land Packages in Waikato

Whether you’re looking for your dream home, your first home, or you’d like to downsize, there are some terrific house and land packages in Waikato to choose from. However, not all packages are created equally, so it pays to know what you’re looking for.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on finding the best deals and making sure your money goes further.

What are house and land packages?

In short, house and land packages are exactly as the name suggests. Both the house and land are purchased in one transaction, usually from a developer or building company. Typically, it’s seen as an easier way to buy a home because everything is included. You don’t have to worry about council approvals, because your builder sorts all of that out for you.

Plus, it’s usually considered a cheaper way to own a brand-new home, and because there’s usually a lot of construction activity in a new development, homes can also be built faster. Ultimately, it’s a great result for everybody, and in some cases, you still have considerable control over the house design as long as construction hasn’t already commenced.

Tips for buying house and land packages in Waikato

When you’re looking for a new home, one of the most important things you can do is plan. Getting your finances in order is a great start because then you’ll be ready to pounce if a new development of house and land packages opens up. The reality is, if you don’t get in early, many of the best lots will be already sold.

So, while planning and being ready to buy are the two best things you can do, there are still other ways to ensure you get the best value for money.

Reduce house design customisations

It’s no secret that when you build a custom home, it costs more than building off the plan. This is because building companies have already done the work to create designs, they can build them faster and it’s also easier to get council approval. A custom home involves architects and other additional expenses.

Stonewood Homes, for example, has an incredible range of stunning house designs to suit all lifestyles. From small 3-bedroom homes to spacious 5-bedroom houses, there really is something for everyone. Of course, we do allow some customisation to existing plans, but building completely from scratch is always going to be more expensive.

Look for level blocks

This step is reasonably simple because the majority of new development areas are built on quite level blocks. It’s easier and faster for developers of building companies to construct home and sell them, so it doesn’t make sense to open up house and land packages on obscure blocks. With that being said, the world isn’t flat.

In any new development, there is likely to be a mixture of level and sloping blocks, and even though the gradients may not be severe, sloping land does increase the cost of building. That’s why you often find new developments where the homes look similar, but prices vary quite a bit.

Budget carefully

The beauty of buying a house and land package in Waikato is the fact that most of your costs should be right in front of you. Rather than buying land separately, finding a builder, assessing the building costs and building a custom home, house and land packages should have an all-inclusive price. There will be finance charges and government fees outside of your builder’s control, but for the most part, all of your expenses should be clear from day one.

When budgeting, consider the costs of going another way. Building a custom home, for example, is always going to be more expensive. Buying an existing home is usually around the same price, but who knows what you’ll need to spend on maintenance in the first couple of years? When you weigh everything up, budgeting for a house and land packages is a lot easier than any other method of buying or building a home.

Look for homes where construction has started

In many cases when buying house and land packages, you don’t have a lot of choice in the house design. That’s because the home is potentially already built, construction has started, or the site preparation has been completed with a certain type of house in mind. Rather than being a bad thing, this can actually benefit you greatly.

Often, these homes need to be sold a bit faster, because builders and developers don’t want money tied up in empty houses. So, you can save yourself a bit of money by looking for house and land packages where construction has already commenced.

Looking for the best house and land packages in Waikato?

Stonewood Homes specialises in building stunning homes to suit all New Zealanders. From house and land packages in Waikato to custom homes in Auckland, we do the lot. Our expert team is always available to discuss your needs, and it’s our commitment to get you into your new home sooner. You can check out some of our house and land packages, or even browse our beautiful home designs that are just waiting to be built.

For a building team you can trust, who keeps you informed throughout the entire build process and provides you with accurate quotes from day one, look no further than Stonewood Homes. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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