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Stonewood Homes wins at house of the year awards

Stonewood Homes wins at house of the year awards

A Stonewood Homes franchisee has walked away with one gold and one silver award at the Registered Master Builder House of the Year awards

With 30 years of unparalleled experience and expertise, Stonewood Homes has built well over 6,000 homes for Kiwi families. The 2017 awards success marks a return to top form for the brand after the franchisor company went into receivership last year before being bought by Inno Capital, a company owned by Michael and John Chow and finance specialist Clint Webber.

Individual franchisees including Stonewood Homes Nelson continued trading and delighting customers, proving the value of the underlying business, and the new franchisors have restructured and revitalised the company, increasing marketing and franchisee support. With the aim of becoming New Zealand’s largest volume home builder by 2020, Stonewood Homes is now looking for new franchisees in many fast-growing parts of the country.

‘To win these awards is particularly satisfying as it demonstrates our brand’s dedication to quality,’ said Brent Stewart, Managing Director of Stonewood Homes Nelson. ‘The Gold, Silver and Bronze awards indicate that they are 80, 65 & 50 percent, respectively, above the industry standards. It gives our clients the confidence that Stonewood Homes Nelson is a cut above the rest!’

This competition, considered by many to be the epitome of building excellence nationwide showcases only the best examples of quality craftsmanship and design vision.

Judges assessed builds in three brand new categories which demonstrated a new trend in the residential construction industry. This included two new areas for entry for Volume and Group House builders, and one for Multi-Units, such as apartments. Multi-units made their debut to reflect an evolution in New Zealand’s housing landscape: these dwellings are expected to account for 40 percent of residential builds by the end of 2021.

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This Tasman home won the Gold award for Resene New Home up to $450,000 category

Stonewood Homes Wins At House Of The Year Awards 3 1 E1602054895118

The Stonewood Homes property in Richmond which won the Silver award in GIB Show Home category

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