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Stonewood Homes say Design Matters

Stonewood Homes say Design Matters

The dream of an architecturally designed home in which a harmonious balance of form and function is achieved is now easier and more affordable with Stonewood Homes. But what makes a home beautiful and really liveable?

Stonewood Homes has a longstanding relationship with Peter Mannion of Synergy Design. He has designed award-winning homes all over the world and is known for his residential design experience and exceptional style. Commenting on the importance of design, Peter says,

“Great designs must be sensitive to the local area and environment, with a strong focus on balanced proportions, and smart functional elements, to create exciting homes that really work and are very liveable.”

What contributes to a home being liveable? Peter shares his top tips.

Your home should be a joy and fun to live in

The house should be well sited on your section to maximise its position in relation to the sun

Every member of the household should be catered for, meaning parents retreat for privacy, play areas for kids, or a place to do homework

If you are a sociable household, visitors and guests need to feel welcome and comfortable, whether they are staying for a few hours or a week.

Enhanced interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces

Stonewood Homes consultants say their customers, the homebuilders, want designs that not only make great use of the overall area but also provide a good feeling of spaciousness.

The Design Traps

“When they [homebuilders] are designing a house themselves a lot of clients and builders fall into the trap of thinking they need to have something in every square metre, when it’s actually the feeling of space that counts,” says Peter Mannion.

According to Chief Executive Officer, Stonewood Homes, Warwick Isaacs, this is precisely why Stonewood has enlisted a professional like Peter Mannion from Synergy Designs to provide home plan designs.

“We recognise that less is more, but finding the balance can be difficult. By having professional designers involved in creating our design plans and concepts, Stonewood Homes makes it easier for the customer, offering them innovative solutions and ideas.”

Trends in Kitchens

Peter highlights the functionality of kitchens being of great importance. The butler’s pantry has become a popular addition to the kiwi kitchen, not because everyone suddenly has a butler, but because they are a great way of keeping kitchen clutter and mess out of sight. This has growing importance as people continue to embrace open-plan homes.

“We put careful thought and consideration into the zones in the house and how they are going to work in family situations,” explains Peter. “Every part of the home should be enjoyable and liveable, so we try to minimise less important spaces, such as hallways.”

At Stonewood Homes, it is the optional extras, in terms of architectural features such as high ceilings and atmospheric fireplaces, which can set your home apart from the rest and lend it real personality and individuality.

Taking the street appeal and interior ambiance of a home from ordinary to outstanding can be expensive if not thought through properly. The team at Stonewood Homes comes with years of experience in how to achieve your goals and is there to help. Something first home buyers, in particular, find valuable, according to Warwick Isaacs.

Talking specifically about the house plans created and designed for Stonewood, Peter Mannion says,
“…we have maximised construction efficiencies to ensure we’re offering new home builders the maximum number of architectural features for the best possible value.

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