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Built For Foodies

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is the one room in the house where all members come together to share and connect. Stonewood Homes understands the importance this space plays in our day to day lives and is here to provide inspiration and advice on how to ensure your passion for food emulates through your new home


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  • The Kitchen - The beating heart of your home

  • 26 things you need to do before you plan and design

  • Design tips to help make your kitchen the heart of the home

  • Expert advice on how to design a kitchen

  • 3 recipes from Jamie Oliver

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The Kitchen - the beating heart of your home

Venture back 100 years and you’ll find that the kitchen was a utilitarian space. It existed only to be a space to cook food in, and little else. Thankfully, in the years and decades since, kitchens have evolved. Innovative kitchen appliances and our ever-changing lifestyles mean modern kitchens offer much more than their original purpose. Today, our kitchens represent a true reflection of the lives we choose to live. Be it sleek, welcoming, cosy or chaotic – our spaces have become so much more diverse.

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6 things you need to do before you plan and design

John van Doormaal from Innovative Kitchens has learned a thing or two about kitchen design during his more than 30 years in the business. He shares his top tips for creating a super-successful new kitchen:

  • Research

  • Measure

  • Budget

  • Know your appliances

  • Consult the experts

  • Attend kitchen design seminars

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Expert advice on how to design a kitchen

Kitchens used to be hidden-away work spaces, but today they’re rooms in which we spend huge amounts of time. Not only do they need to offer the preparation and cooking facilities that suit all the home’s occupants, but they must also be stylish space we want to enjoy being in. Often, they’re a zone in an open-plan kitchen diner and living space, so the kitchen’s decor must work harmoniously with dining and relaxing areas as well.

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House Designs - Built For Foodies


Stonewood Homes - Built for You

Your life shouldn’t be built around your home, instead, your home should be built around your life. After partnering with customers for 30 years and building over 6,000 homes, Stonewood Homes has seen it all, and we know that where a person resides should not compromise their life, but rather, enable an even fuller one.

Through an array of great designs that can be customised to any personal nuance, Stonewood Homes are as unique as the lifestyles they’re built for; allowing the owners to get the absolute most out of their life

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