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Built For The Fans

In 1897, 2011 and 2015 Kiwis have enjoyed watching our All Blacks bring the Rugby World Cup home. This year is no different. Stonewood Homes has expert advice on how to set up your lounge and devices for the ultimate viewing experience. To make sure you don’t miss the winning moment make sure you download the Built For The Fans brochure below


In this FREE inspiration brochure, you will find:

  • Colour Themes

  • Furniture Options

  • Design and Layout Suggestions

  • Audio Visual Equipent Selection

  • How to arrange your living room for people and TV too

  • How to make an easy move theatre in your living room Get the "Built for Fashion Followers" brochure NOW!

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How to create the ultimate Entertainment Room set up for your new home

Creating a fantastic entertainment room set up for your new home can be a rewarding way to celebrate and enjoy your new pad. Below, we’ve consulted some of the best experts in home theatre systems to inform you about some of the things you’ll need to consider before you begin.

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How to choose the right projector - by Epson

With screens that can stretch up to 300 inches, it's no wonder home theatre projectors are a favourite for movie lovers, gamers and casual viewers alike. But what is a good projector for home theatre use? We will answer this question and more, covering:

  • Your room, and how a projector fits into it.

  • Projector specs, and how to compare the numbers.

  • Ease of use, and the functions that will make your new projector a dream to install and use.

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How to make an easy Movie Theater in your living room

For the movie aficionado, there's nothing like a home theater. Creating a quality movie-watching experience can make an art of screen time. But it can be a challenge to create a theater that also serves as a living room. Where you might go all out in a separate theater area, a theater in a living room must take into consideration other style and function needs. Not to worry: Your living room can play both roles and be a star in your home.

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House Designs - Built For Fashion Followers

Castle Park

Stonewood Homes - Built for You

Your life shouldn’t be built around your home, instead, your home should be built around your life. After partnering with customers for 30 years and building over 6,000 homes, Stonewood Homes has seen it all, and we know that where a person resides should not compromise their life, but rather, enable an even fuller one.

Through an array of great designs that can be customised to any personal nuance, Stonewood Homes are as unique as the lifestyles they’re built for; allowing the owners to get the absolute most out of their life

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