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Built for Big Thinkers

Great ideas don’t just happen in the office or classroom, sometimes the best inspiration occurs at home! If you’re thinking of building a new home and want a dedicated space for your family to expand their big ideas, talk to Stonewood Homes to see how we can add to your families future.


In this FREE inspiration brochure, you will find:

  • Benefits of a Home Office

  • How a Home office can help you achieve a work-life balance

  • The Financial Benefits of a Home Office

  • Considerations for Home Office Design

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Work-Life Balance

A home office can be an excellent way to increase family time. A flexible work schedule is more accommodating to your family needs and you get to save time that could be otherwise spent on daily commutes. The average one-way commute takes 20 minutes, which is at least 160 hours every year that you can focus on your children and spouse.

Freeing up that commute time can enable you to have more interactive time with your family – perhaps allowing you to drop off or collect your children from school or having flexibility to attend school events. Eliminating evening commutes means that you can help your little ones with homework, make dinner, and bond with your partner.

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Benefits of a Home Office

Home offices were once thought of as being unprofessional and potentially unproductive, but in today's economic climate, and with so many tasks being completed online or by email, many people are appreciating the multiple advantages of a home office, not only for the individuals who want a dedicated space for personal computer activity but also for those who actually perform their employed role, or run their business, from home.

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The Financial Benefits of a Home Office

If you use an area of your family house for work, you can claim this as a business expense. You can claim a part of your household costs such as rates, insurances and mortgage interest. These expenses should relate to the part of the house that you have dedicated to the business.

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Your life shouldn’t be built around your home, instead, your home should be built around your life. After partnering with customers for 30 years and building over 6,000 homes, Stonewood Homes has seen it all, and we know that where a person resides should not compromise their life, but rather, enable an even fuller one.

Through an array of great designs that can be customised to any personal nuance, Stonewood Homes are as unique as the lifestyles they’re built for; allowing the owners to get the absolute most out of their life

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