Discover the financial benefits of working with custom home builders

Find out how working with these builders can help you save money on your home-building project.

Saving big with home builders

Building a home is a dream that everyone has. There’s no better feeling than moving into a home that you’ve put so much effort into making a reality! But like all building projects, putting together your dream home can be expensive.

There’s a lot of time and work that goes into building a home, and it can be a very expensive endeavour too. Fortunately, with the help of good custom home builders, you can find a cost-effective solution to bringing your home to life.

These home builders have many years of experience in building the perfect homes for their clients while taking into account financial statuses.

The benefits of hiring custom home builders

Here are some of the financial benefits that you can expect from hiring these builders for your home-building project:

Personalise within your budget

When you work with a home builder, they help you build a home that not only meets your needs and aesthetic requirements but also ensures that the design of the home does not exceed your budget.

Eliminate the need for repairs

When you buy a new home, chances are that you may need to spend money on making a few repairs. When a builder makes a custom home for you, it’ll be brand new and won’t need any kind of repair.

Give energy efficiency options

Some home builders may recommend various energy efficiency options, such as solar panels and eco-friendly lighting. This can help you save money on electricity and cut down your carbon footprint.

Ensure long-term value

When you have a custom home built by reputable home builders, it may have a higher resale value than a mass-produced home. The unique features that come with it will be prized by new home buyers.

Provide financing options

If you don’t have the finances to start building a new custom home, custom home builders can help you get your finances together by giving you advice on which construction loans may work for you.

Offer comprehensive warranties

Home builders often offer comprehensive warranties on their custom homes. These warranties ensure the quality of the home and will cover the cost of damages or faults in the home post-construction.

Save big on custom homes with Stonewood Homes

Building a new home is a major undertaking and a costly one—but Stonewood Homes can help make the process easier and more affordable.

We’re one of the best home builder in NZ and for over 30 years, we have created beautiful homes for Kiwi families. Since 1987, we’ve built 8,000 of the most stunning and unique homes in the country, all at reasonable and affordable prices.

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They can build custom homes in all kinds of styles, including contemporary, multi-storey, classic, and luxury-style homes. You may even ask them for a unique combination of these styles.

When you work with a home builder, the cost of building your home may vary. On average, the cost can range anywhere from NZ$2,000 to NZ$5,000 per square metre. Other factors like the materials used and the complexity of the design will add to the final cost.

Yes, they can. They will help you design every aspect of your new home, from the floor plan to the home’s interior.

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