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5 Things to Watch Out for When Viewing Show Homes in Whangarei

Stonewood Homes Whangarei

If you’re considering building a home, it’s always a good idea to visit show homes in Whangarei. Whether you want to view a particular style of home or you just want to check the builder’s workmanship, it’s a worthwhile excursion that helps make your homebuilding decision easier.

However, not unlike viewing an existing home for sale, you usually get a picture of the home in its absolute best condition. Here are some things to watch out for when viewing show homes in Whangārei.

Look for natural light

Fortunately, Stonewood Homes builds homes offering plenty of natural light. However, not all show homes accurately reflect the level of natural light. Generally, when you attend a display home, there are a few little tricks that can be played. Smaller furniture to create more space, mirrors to make a room feel bigger, and of course, the use of lights.

Many display homes have all the lights on, with the windows open. This gives a visitor the feeling that the home is flooded by natural light, when that may not be the case. Ask that the lights be turned off, or try to visit at a time of day when the sun isn’t quite so prevalent.

Does it suit your lifestyle?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when viewing show homes in Whangarei is your lifestyle. Are you downsizing for retirement and want something easy to manage? Perhaps you need more space for your growing family. Whatever your circumstances, ideally you want your home to suit your needs.

Take everything into consideration, such as room sizes, natural light, potential future energy costs and more. Is there room outside for children or other hobbies? Does it have easy access if you’re getting older? Lifestyle is so important when choosing a home, so try to picture yourself in the home for the next 5-10 years.

How much is the additional cost of landscaping?

Here’s something that many people forget. It’s not even really limited to display homes, either. Landscaping is often not included in the building cost, which is why many people end up with a beautiful home and no money to spare for landscaping.

Display homes are typically built as an advertisement, so the building company is unlikely to leave the outdoor part of the home without landscaping. It looks beautiful when you visit, but then you find that the cost for that type of landscaping could literally add tens of thousands of dollars to your build.

Ask if fittings are standard

In any display home, you should always check if the fittings are standard. This means all inclusions, really, from the cabinet door handles to the included white goods and appliances. It isn’t uncommon for display homes to feature beautiful, luxury items throughout. However, when you go to build the same type of house, you find out that only the basic inclusions fall into your budget.

In many cases, it isn’t a huge deal. Door handles don’t make or break a house. But if you visit a show home and you’re completely enamoured with everything inside, it’s worth asking the question. Simply ask your builder whether there are any luxury or premium items in the display home that wouldn’t be in the home if built for a regular price.

Does it match the plans you would be buying?

Naturally, display homes are built from a certain plan. It’s not always possible to view a home that’s identical to the plans you’re interested in, but you should always try to view something similar. In some display homes, you may find that things like internal doors have been deliberately left out to create the illusion of more space. Mirrors are another way of achieving this effect.

Obviously, builders want their show homes to be of a high standard, and they’re designed to entice buyers. Unfortunately, some less-reputable builders use some of these tricks to make a home feel bigger. So, our suggestion when visiting any show homes in Whangarei, make sure you’ve got access to the house plans you would actually be building from. That way, you can check that everything is as close to ‘real’ size as possible.

Looking for great show homes in Whangarei?

Stonewood Homes currently has an absolutely stunning show home in Whangarei for you to visit. There are 3-4 bedrooms, spacious living areas and two separate wings of the home, so it’s perfect for a big family that needs space. Living in Whangarei is all about lifestyle, and this home has been built with that in mind.

This home is based on our Inglewood design, and we’d love to show you through it. Not only can you check it out if you’re interested in the Inglewood design, but you can also get a good look at our standard of workmanship. There’s nothing to hide here – just a beautiful family home in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful areas.

Contact us today if you’d like to visit our show home in Whangarei, or if we can help in any other way to get you into your new home faster.

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